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Clean Bandit

[Verse 1: Jess Glynne]
We're a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there's no place I rather be
I would wait forever, exulted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat
[Pre-Chorus: Jess Glynne]
With every step we take, Kyoto to The Bay
Strolling so casually
We're different and the same, gave you another name
Switch up the batteries
[Chorus: Jess Glynne]
If you gave me a chance I would take it
It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it
Know with all of your heart, you can't shame me
When I am with you, there's no place I rather be
N-n-n-no, no, no, no place I rather be (3x)
[Verse 2: Jess Glynne]
We staked out on a mission to find our inner peace
Make it everlasting so nothing's incomplete
It's easy being with you, sacred simplicity
As long as we're together, there's no place I rather be
[Pre-Chorus: Jess Glynne]
[Chorus: Jess Glynne]
Hmmmmmmmmmm, Hoooooooooo
Be (9x)
Yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah, yeah, yeah
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